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2008-11-28 21:33:03 by mraznbuddy

:DDD my very first full length animation ever made is finally out.
check it out in my flash submission :]
like i said i got a whole lot better than the last time i posted something.


one year later

2008-07-17 20:43:32 by mraznbuddy

O_O and I'm back.
over 9000 times better
I'ma chargin my skillz
because now I heard you guys like stick fights.
>:D I got into 2 epic collabs that'll be released somewhere in August.
Look out for my part and find the comparison between that...and my first animation that i can't believe I submitted...
Expect more animations from me.

-Mr. Aznbuddy

my...very late b-day post

2007-08-04 18:39:16 by mraznbuddy

well....yes this was very late but my b-day was july 25 =D
and now i am 13...not 12 which was when i made my animation jump and die.
i wanted to name it jump but it was already used so i made up some fast name for it...
it turned out retarded....i mean "jump and die".....that just it, it sounds like its just going to be 1 person who will jump and die.
but NO! there a lot more than just one.... and ya
so im 13....comment if u like......
and stuff =]

i love HI-CHEWS!!

2007-08-03 17:47:49 by mraznbuddy

yesterday was my grandma's b-day and we went to a resturaunt near this mini mall thingy
and i bought 3 packs of hi-chews
omg i love it
and i bought my little cuzin some too...he was only suppose to get ONE! but he got 3!
and now he owes me money =D

1st day

2007-07-18 18:34:29 by mraznbuddy

so this is my first day on my account on kinda lost...
i just joined and like i dont kno how to upload stuff and stuff like that..
i kno how to explore =D
and ya im kinda a beginner at flash. i was introduced to it by my media tech teacher....
i made a few animations. im not rly good at making games.
i prefer to make stick animations....since im not that good with drawing with the mouse.
i basically just do frame by frame going to try finding out how to upload them.
o ya im going to 8th grade next year!!!! b-day is coming up in a week...and ya